First Day After the Ice Storm

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I've been trying to write at work. Too much distraction.

I mocked the folks who ran to the local grocery stores when the snow started falling. Later than night we had a series of momentary power failures. Then the electricity stopped flowing for an hour. About five in the morning the computer’s UPS started beeping. Allow with million other North Carolina households our power was out. Still is.

After sunup I went out. Tree limbs littered the street and yards. Branches were still crashing to the ground. We live just off Roxboro Road, one of Durham’s major streets. There were plenty of cars and trucks out. None of the stores had opened and the traffic lights were dead.

Charles and I headed out in search of gas and food. When we reached the other side of town we finally saw operating traffic lights. Everybody in town was heading the same way; traffic was tighter than I’d ever seen in Manhattan or LA. It took about an hour to move a mile. A McDonald’s had a line extending out into the street.

We stopped for gas. So many cars pulled in on all sides it took lots of maneuvering to get back on the street. Bojangle’s was the first restaurant we came to on our side of the street. The line inside stretched back to the point where you normally pickup your orders. It took over an hour to buy a Tailgate Special.

Books Do Furnish A Room’s power was out. We went back home. I’d always hated the gas stove. But it made a good heater that night.

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Durham, NC
First Day After the Ice Storm
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