How I wound up in Durham, NC

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No, I don't know how to use a camera.

McDonalds on Avondale

It was those bloody teeth that did it.

Walking to work at Far West Research in San Francisco one morning I noticed several blood covered teeth in a doorway. Didn't like the way the house I lived in down in the Mission swayed in the breeze, what would it do when a serious quake finally came?

At least that is how I recollect it. Equally importantly I felt I'd found lasting love and no longer needed a city. Siobhan said she agreed. As did Gordon, my best friend. I'd visited my other best friend, Victor, in Chapel Hill, NC, a university town built around the University of North Carolina. With Durham and Raleigh it formed the three corners of the Triangle. Each has a large university. In the middle is RTP, Research Triangle Park, a technology park: IBM, Northern Telecom, Toshiba and the like.

"The pat of butter in a sea of grits" one bumper sticker put it. Chapel Hill is one of those places where the locals fancy themselves special. "If God isn't a Tarheel why is the sky Carolina blue?"

Victor rented an apartment for us in Carrboro, a townlet visually indistinguishable from Chapel Hill. I was pissed with my boss at Far West and didn't tell him I wouldn't be back in the office after lunch. Likewise we neglected to tell our despicable fourth flatemate we wouldn't be there when she came home that evening.

Three days and about 2400 miles later we were in North Carolina.

After working for an antiquarian bookshop for a few months I figured I could run one myself. Chapel Hill seemed to have enough used bookshops, Durham almost none. After opening Books Do Furnish A Room moving here was inevitable.

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Durham, NC
How I wound up in Durham, NC
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