Icy fear grips Durham, NC

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Snowing here in Durham today. We're expecting sleet and ice. Most churches cancelled their services (costing Charles a check from the church he would've been playing organ for). I decided to not open my shop.

Much of the city is waiting to see if we'll find ourselves without power as we did over a year ago when the city shut down for almost a week. This time the assorted power companies have crews out and ready.

From the last ice storm:

Frozen rose from my garden

Davidson Avenue is only a block long. Ordinarily that is a blessing. When the power lines go down and the street ices over we're among the last to be looked after. I may be spending my evening sitting in a house lit by candles, no internet, no TV. Our gas stove can keep the house warm so I won't be shivering. If I can coax myself into sleep I won't mind too much.

Charles will hardly be able to bear it. The days without power last time worn his nerve ends down to nubs.

This morning we went out to buy some tea candles, the car hit a slick spot and we slid to a corner. The SUV behind us hit the same spot, slammed into door at my side. A more direct hit and I'd be in the hospital. I think Charles has "no fault" insurance only and we may find ourselves without a car.

Durham has lousy mass transit.

Hope it is more comfortable wherever you are.


I feel your pain with the snow and ice.Literally. I mean, as I got out of my truck and promptly fell on my ass on the ice in the parking lot tonight.

Well, not promptly, but I was walking behind a cute neighbor guy who pulled in just before me and was distracted.

Here’s hoping that you don’t lose power.

Now it’s the morning after in Durham, and we still have power. My memories from last year’s nastiness is still with me, so I was ready with candles and firewood and canned food and propane tanks for the grill. Much better this year, so far.

I hope the insurance thing works out.

Greensboro here. Last years storm took out power for something like a week, that was right before we moved down from Asheville. So we did not see it, but the tree damage can still be seen. My policy in driving in snow is I stay at home unless I desperatly need something, like kero for the spare heater. I grew up in rural WVa so I do know how to drive, in foul weather,its the other folks I m scared of. Been rearended too many times! Hope your insurace pays out.

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Durham, NC
Icy fear grips Durham, NC
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