My one night stand with Isabel

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Isabel was close enough Thursday to make it windy in Durham. When I got up that morning my cable modem was down. Calling Time-Warner confirmed that it was an area-wide problem. It was back up by noon but sometimes as sluggish as an old 1200 bps modem.

By mid afternoon it was windy enough to repeatedly knock over the trashcan. So I brought Lady inside. Duchess, out indoor dog, wasn't happy about sharing her kingdom with another dog.

About six the power went off. Charles' candles were useful for once. I lit up a bunch and put them around the house. There'd been looting of houses whose owners had left during the ice storm. Some of the candles were sort of "Don't come here Mr. Burglar" signs.

Mostly I sat on the porch and watched the wind blow things around until finally I was sleepy enough to go to bed. Didn't sleep worth a damn. At first I thought it'd be better to have Charles away so I wouldn't have to listen to him bitch about the weather. But I got lonely sitting in the house in the dark by myself.

Friday when I awoke I got up and went to work. Didn't even know the time; just tired to a dark house.

Getting home that afternoon the power was still off. I sat on the porch and read for a few hours. Not wanting to spend another night in a dark home I went back to the shop. After finishing the latest Plasticman archive I decided to work and cataloged some books.

Every few minutes I called home to see if the answering machine would pick up. Finally about eight-thirty it did. Once at home I found the cablemodem down but didn't care.

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Durham, NC
My one night stand with Isabel
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