My Roses Bloom in November

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The weather is indecisive here in central North Carolina. A day in the 50s may be followed by on in the 70s.

My roses continue to bloom. I keep waiting for them to go dormant to trim them back. Not that I’m really clear on what will happen if I don’t. Charles - and the garden is sort of his memorial - told me that is what I should do.

The cool but not frigid air is keeping the blooms fresh and attractive for a week or more. Normally they begin to fade and shrivel within a couple of days.

I’m not a hobby gardener. I just like pretty things that smell nice. But it cheers me more than I’d expect to walk out the door and be greeted by the pretty colors of the assorted varieties of roses.


Didn’t you use to have a digital camera? Or have I gotten you confused with another LJ-er from NC. There was a posting where an ice storm passed through NC several years ago and there were some remarkable pics posted. I’d love to see these blossoms if you have a camera. They sound adorable!

Even as I wrote this I knew I should really try to find some batteries and the cable for the camera. I’m just too lazy.

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My Roses Bloom in November
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