My unglamorous corner of Durham, NC

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Durham has about 190,000 residents, making it a small city. Frankly I've never learned much about the town. I know where many of the well-to-do people live and where the ghettos are.

My little pocket is fringed by poverty (and crackhouses) and affluence. Not far away is a sign saying "Old North Durham." People are always trying to embellish the quotidian. It was here that Charles and I found the only house that we could afford that was in a neighborhood that didn't make us feel we'd need barbed wire fences, iron bars and a Hummer.

Less than half a block from my house is the Joy Station, home of cigarettes, beer, gas and junk food.

Joy Station in Durham NC

Being bounded by two of Durham's busiest streets is annoying. Looking down Roxboro Road heading into town:

Roxboro Road Durham NC

Heading more deeply into the suburbs:

Roxboro Rd Durham NC

Pretty unexciting for sure. At least it isn't more photos of cats or well maybe you've posted some 'or' so I'll shut up.


How’s the Honduras restaurante?

Cheap Mexican food, which isn’t a bad thing. But it is a local eatery for the hispanic folks around here. They get together and watch soccer in Spanish.

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Durham, NC
My unglamorous corner of Durham, NC
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