North Carolina: making gay partnerships legal

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Two prudent gay women here in my home town of Durham, NC. The story details the expense and possible complications.

Chris Kuster and Mary Price, a Durham couple, drew up wills and entered into agreements with each other that give them medical and financial powers of attorney. Though the two women were joined in a civil union in Vermont in 2001, if one died, the other might have no legal recourse without those documents.

"It gets very complicated, in a way, to take care of yourself and your relationship," Kuster said. "It is almost like having to create a protection for yourself."

Sharon Thompson, a former state representative and a Durham lawyer who specializes in gay and lesbian legal issues, said although couples can enter into a series of contracts with each other, such agreements can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

Same-sex couples in NC sign contracts


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when is gay marriages going to be legal in north carolina

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i want to make friend with a gay around 25yr

And why would you want to be their friend? How would they find you? Where do they live?

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North Carolina: making gay partnerships legal
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