Raleigh, NC: votes for gay civil rights

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Surprising news from nearby Raleigh here in the Tarheel State. The Raleigh City Council has gone against the Baptists:

... The council voted 5-3 to add protection for sexual orientation to the mission statement of the Human Relations Commission. This happened despite a room full of people that overwhelmingly were against this.

Many say this will send the message that Raleigh is promoting homosexuality.

"They're adding language based on someone’s agenda and we showed up here to show them that what they were trying to do does not represent the majority of people in this community,” said Nina Petro, who is against the change to the mission statement.

Raleigh City Council tackles hot topics


I accidentally read “Tarheel” in your poat as “Tarhell.” ;)

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Pansexual Sodomite
Durham, NC
Raleigh, NC: votes for gay civil rights
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