Stolen car recovered

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A vice cop found Charles' stolen car. The Escort was parked about a block away in the Winn Dixie parking lot. If we'd gone to buy groceries we might've discovered it ourselves.

Whoever had it dumped everything. Charles lost his best suit, choir robe and a hard to replace collection of liturgical music. On the other side the car is cleaner than it has ever been since I met Charles.

It had been interesting to listen to taxi drivers who were surprised that people in the US always locked their doors. Nobody did that back home, anyone who robbed another person suddenly found himself with one less hand. The cost of taxicabs was horrific even in Durham North Carolina. Many of the taxis came from Manhattan so I do know how much less I paid than New Yorkers. The signs displaying the Durham cab rates bear the curious proscription that reproducing the information is a violation of the law.

Maybe now we can think about getting the front passenger door repaired. When Charles is driving I'd rather sit in the front seat.


Well you got it back and that’s all that matters.

When my car was stolen (1977) we never saw it again. I often wonder how the new owner felt about the pile of gay porn in the trunk?

Your feelings?

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Durham, NC
Stolen car recovered
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