They stole our car!

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Is there something wrong with a purely personal weblog in which the writer forgets about his life as he lives in flesh for long stretches of time? As I've written more for my site and less for my Live Journal I've made fewer wisecracks, employed words with increasingly more syllables and forgotten about writing about how my days go.

As days go they aren't remarkable. Forgetting to note that our car was stolen seems a big omission. Or Charles' car. When you are one of a twosome with a shared bank account much of his and mine becomes ours.

Charles is scatterbrained a description akin to saying Britney Spears is popular. Possibly the first instance of how quickly I slipped into congruence with his nature was when on the first day we met I made sure he didn't forget the TV Guide and cigarettes he bought. As soon as we started living together I became the finder of his keys, the ones who remembered his appointments and kept track of the phone numbers he would always lose.

Over the last couple of months his forgetfulness has increased greatly. I've gotten used to checking to see if the backdoor is locked and if his house keys need to be removed from the front door. A few days ago when visiting a friend he forgot to take his keys out of his car's, what do you call it? - I don't know how to drive, ignition switch.

Somebody stole the car. Why I can't imagine. This is the car that has a huge dent across one side from our accident in North Carolina's last ice storm. Somebody might've done it for the thrill: Wow! an empty car I can steal! Maybe they were on the way to another part of Durham to buy some crack and welcomed a ride.

I'm running Amazon ads in an attempt to pay the monthly bills. I can't buy him a car. He's in a black funk. I'd like to do the butch thing and work some magic for him. It gives my own comfort a big whammy. No bank is near, little is but places to buy donuts and crap food. Buying the most ordinary needful thing becomes a chore.

How this will ramify I can't begin to work out. It should prove interesting if unpleasant.

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Durham, NC
They stole our car!
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