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Just heard about this and those of you looking for yet another venue for, ahem, networking with other gay folk may find it interesting. I didn't create a membership so I can't say (still haven't finished my Orkut profile).


(What is the 'e' for?)

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are you on downelink?? ADD ME!!! :D


” I’d rather take on the “Pain of Discipline”……than having to suffer the “Pain of Regret” !!!

I =o= I =o= I =o= I =o= I=o= I =o= I=o=


I’m comfortable being “Specially Different” !!! I’m definite !!! “I am who I am” !!! I was never really confused !!! Believe me !!! I knew it from the onset !!! I’M GAY !!! And it is what makes me specially different. Let’s just put it this way: ——————————————-> ” I know my “marbles” very well !!!

I’m unique in my own merits !!! I have my strengths !!! Though, of course……I must admit……I do have my own unique set of “faults”too……but……I give it my best shot to downplay ‘em. I’m always on a “best foot forward” stance !!! And that’s what makes all of us beautiful !!! “BEAUTY begets BEAUTY” !!! As a University Museum Curator friend of mine puts it:…..”It takes a “true sissy” to make all things beautiful” !!! We’re all blessed with our own unique “charm” !!! We have certain “aura’s” that give us our own distinct “glow” !!! Beauty and flaws all thrown in together !!! It’s part and parcel of being “HUMAN”. I am beautiful in my own TRUE way !!!

“It is not the beauty within that really counts……but the beauty that’s expressed and shared that makes one truly beautiful” .

I liken myself to a home with many rooms. Some rooms are meant for entertaining guests……some for friends and some for acquaintances…… while others are better left private for family and relatives. Still…… others are BEST reserved for your “special someone”. I leave “ample” space for everyone.

Recently, I just realized that it’s not realistic to look for a “Perfect Someone” (sighs); I’m much wiser to know the whole reality of it now. In my relationships: ” I SIMPLY HAVE TO BE WHO I’M SUPPOSED TO BE ” (smiles).

I am reasonable…….I’m logical and rational. I try my ultra best to be level headed in all my affairs. I’m not in the habit of making rash decisions and spur of the moment retaliations. I take time to analyze things and when I’m all sobered up and calmed down……I make my move.

I’m sorta like a book worm. I have a voracious appetite for reading “self-help” books. Knowledge for me is “FREEDOM” !!! And freedom is synonymous with “Independence”. I value my Independence !!! Independence has always been at the epicenter of my core. I am not a clinging vine of sorts !!! I don’t mean to make it sound so “brassy” but of course……just like you……I need someone to care for and someone to look after me as well. I know……I am very much human of course. My feet are still “made out of clay”. And that’s a fact.

I love making new friends !!! I am very friendly !!! One concern though. Hey buddy !!! If you are “IQ Challenged”, Read this sign below: ———————————————————— ——————-> “GO AWAY” !!! Go chat with the other handles !!! They are dying to chat with you !!! (grins)

Muscle toned and tanned guys are a weakness !!! But if ya happen to stumble on my ultimate “Achilles Heel” !!! Then…… that would be the day !!!!!!

Oh yeah !!!!!! I’m a “VIRGO” and water is my thing !!! I’m a fairly good swimmer and I’m an ardent sun worshipper. I was born in the year of the “DRAGON” and “FIRE” is my element !!! A couple of Fung Shui masters have told me that I attract a lot of people. I am “RADIANT”……coz I illuminate……I glow……and……I emanate warmth……yet…… there are those times that I “scorch” and “singe” people. Especially the one’s who are made of weaker elements that fire easily smolders up. I consume ‘em and set ‘em ablaze !!! Yykes !!! I’m sorry !!! Don’t mean to burn you people !!! It’s just me !!! LOL !!!

I love hugging……and cuddling……and snuggling up with someone…… especially at times when I do feel kinda “cold ” and alone. I love to “spoon” !!! LOL !!!

I’m a frustrated “VET” !!! I love animals !!! Yes !!!…… I love dogs !!! I have two (2) Dalmatians and a Mini-Schnauzer. Plus……I have a pond-full of rainbow colored “Kois” too !!!

Inspiration is a key element in my life. It’s what ignites me to be “creative” !!! Most often when I’m lolling around the office or house searching for my creative catalyst……I listen to a variety of music: ambience, world, club, classical, instrumentals, cool jazz, a l’il of the operas, some catchy popular music, and “kundimans” too !!!

Music heals the soul……and “lifts” it to heights that’s so “magical” to the human spirit !!!

Music is the “nectar and ambrosia” of the “ASGARD” gods and godesses !!! It’s their “elixir” !!!

BTW……as you might have noticed……I have a thing for “mythology”……Norse being my FAVE of all times !!! I’m in love with “THOR” !!! Ha ha ha !!! Go ask my dad……”ODIN” !!! LOL !!! That’s why “LOKI” is jealous of me !!! Biatche !!!

Now you know what I am……and where I descended from !!! LOL !!! Ssshhh !!! Don’t tell anyone !!! It’s our…..”l’il secret” !!! My dad will go ballistic !!! He’ll snuff the daylights outta me !!! Hi hi hi !!!

Hey peeps !!! I’m a Fine Arts grad here !!! Interior Design Major at UST. I’m “artsy-fartsy” !!! Yahoo !!! I’m highly observant of my surroundings …… and of people too !!! I have highly developed “BINDI’s” (third eye) !!! I am able to read people and I have the ability to translate the unsaid (between the lines). I am “CLUEY” !!!

I =o= I =o= I =o= I =o= I=o= I =o= I=o=


I go for guys who are very open to expressing themselves verbally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually even……and yet……do not feel they are the “center of everything”. Whew !!! TOXIC !!!.

Hey , humour me guys !!! I’m funned of fun loving fellas !! Don’t be too uptight !!! It’s gonna brew in your stomach !!! You’ll end up being an “AIR BLOWER” !!!

Your honesty ??? Why of course !!! Hello !!! It goes without saying !!! Right ??? I have to trust ya totally !!! And it’s non-negotiable !!!

You are the one “IF” you are also:

  1. ———>sensitive and passionate (non frigid)

  2. ———>attentive and giving (not greedy)

  3. ———>as well as tolerably intelligent (no dumb “belles”)

  4. ———>emotionally stable (no “brenda” stars please)

  5. ———>and “to-die-for” affectionate (a gentleman)

I do find guys who wear neckties very sexy !!! Ties define an “URBANE DENIZEN” !!!

I’m attracted to professionals. I go for the “mature thinking”……they sweep me off my feet !!!

I go heavy on “intellectual intercourse” !!! Very sexy indeed !!! Oooohhhh La Laaaa !!!

I love the idea of “Being in Love”……. But, I don’t like the idea of being the “Third Wheel” in a relationship !!!

My body is “NOT” a toy for your pleasure buddy !!! Do it yourself !!! ——————-> Give yourself a Hand Job !!!

Religion ??? Oh, I can take it ……so long as you’re not a satanist !!! Mah Gewdness !!!

Tatoos ??? I’m really so tempted to have one done !!! Should I ??? Huh ???

Earrings ??? Oh ?!?!?! On occasion, I do don my “ICE” studs !!! I can’t help being——————————————-> “The Lord of the Blings” !!!

I do have “Talking Hands” !!! I love “words” and I love to write !!! Let my hands do the talking !!! Whew !!!

I =o= I =o= I =o= I =o= I=o= I =o= I=o=


  1. ———>Biz Man (Manufacturing)

  2. ———>Biz Mag Editor (Special Edition)

  3. ———>Image Consultant (Own a company & consults for an International Company)

  4. ———>Environment Specialist (Interior Designer & Landscape Designer)

  5. ———>Life Style Consultant (Keep your……”Mulah” if I don’t like you, I won’t do it)

  6. ———>Speaker & Lecturer (Image Intelligence Quotient——->IIQ).

I =o= I =o= I =o= I =o= I=o= I =o= I=o=


Me ???—————>Kewl ??? Oh I do bring out my interests in full spectrum !!! I’m never shy !!! Oh no !!! Sorry !!! Not me mate !!!

Me ???—————>Talented ??? Indeed I am !!! I’m multi-faceted !!! So many things to be in so short a time !!!

Me ???—————>Busy ??? I am into a lot of stuffs !!! I care not to be idle in any given moment. Kinda boring that way.

Me ???—————>Normal ??? Why yes !!! Of course !!! Isn’t it obvious !!! Ha ha ha !!! I am normal in so many ways !!!

Me ???—————>Friendly ??? Let’s just say…..I do have much interest in meeting people from diverse back grounds. I thrive on friendships !!! Very interesting indeed !!!

I =o= I =o= I =o= I =o= I=o= I =o= I=o=


Of course !!!…… your SMILE !!!

Oooohhhh La Laaaa !!!

It’s always heart warming and could very well be an excellent first greeting !!!

“Flash” yours to me and I’ll “reflect” mine back to you !!!

I =o= I =o= I =o= I =o= I=o= I =o= I=o=

lookin for a relationship

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