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I would find it difficult to be honest if I wrote journals online. I would always feel like I was putting on a show, and writing to an imagined audience would drive me nuts, I think.

Some people write for an audience, peers, family, people who share their politics.

But that probably becomes part of the process.

On Live Journal where I've been posting for a few years and have folks who often read and comment there were a few times I was in danger of writing for my audience. But I'm not a performer or pundit. I usually manged to write only for myself

Do blogs just become versions of what we're really thinking? I find myself editing my MS Word journal as I write--not letting myself write certain things, or worrying about how they will "sound."

Fearing you may hurt someone, if only yourself by appearing is natural enough. When people commend me for my honesty I always blush because I know what I'm suppressing. Many the morning I've arisen to feel a little sheepish about something I posted the evening before. Only one person has ever mocked me for what I'd written. He was a cretin who couldn't understand that I'd chosen to live with a guy who with destructive habit. His comments were too irrelevant to hurt me; I merely felt mildly annoyed.

Realizing this makes me feel excessively neurotic, but I wonder if it's natural and if writing in a blog just sort of justifies that whole problem, because you are writing for an unknown audience, like writing a book, and so of course you have to trim the fat of your thoughts. Or maybe blogging is all about the fat, letting it stick around, not dismissing it.

Depends on you. I'd never written anything before I started my website. I don't have the discipline to do more than let it come out. Most of my entries are never edited.

My weblog has served various purposes. Release when things are going bad at home. Most importantly for me is self-discovery. I find that when I write something and present it to the world. Not when I'm writing but later on thinking about what I've written. My weblog has enabled me to clarify my understanding of myself and retrieve otherwise forgotten memories.

I only tried to! keep a blog once, and it didn't work out. Not for lack of zeal on my part-- I'm an enthusiastic diarist-- but because I couldn't quite figure out WHY I was doing it.

I have the urge and it gives me pleasure. Why enough for me.

Did I crave the comments of potential readers?

I've met many kindred folks with my weblog and Live Journal and made a few good friends.

Fear the let-down of no one caring enough to read my blog in the first place?

My personal weblog isn't widely read. I started on Live Journal and most much of what I write here appears there as well. A community like Live Journal makes it much easier to acquire at least a few friendly readers. If you ever feel like starting your online diary again and would like to try Live Journal I'd be glad to give you a free membership code.

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