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I note a Christmas day sex spam jump just as I did last year. And I'm seeing plenty of people looking for "foreskin stretching," "meeting gay boys" and similarly themed searches in today's log.

I remember Christmas long ago when I was in the male escort trade in Atlanta. The men who called sounded a bit desperate. Aside from the guys with kinks they were ashamed of ("I'm, uh, looking black man to make me wash my car and do push-ups in the mud.") most guys bought boys as casually as they ordered Chinese.

Cunning Mr. Spammer hopes to profit from the seasonal depression of lonely folks. Should there surprisingly prove to be a Hell I hope they are going to the worst neighborhood.


thanks for reading my blog and thanks for that wonderful advice. very insightful. thanks man! peace.

Merry Xmas, Richard. Finally got around to check out blogs on my list - I love this new design, less cluttered, easier on the eye, prim? And refreshing as always, I mean your blog. I don’t know how you figure out which women are lesbo and which not, but I like them too - that type, and it is a type (and not necessarily lesbo, btw).


Best of luck with meeting a decent guy or guys.

Never, ever let anyone make you feel that your sexuality is anything to be ashamed of.


The design is clearer but I don’t know that I’ll ever manage to create one I’m happy with.

My lesbian gaydar works in the context of my bookshop and neighborhood only. Gay women are generally harder to spot than gay men.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Christmas Day spam.

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Christmas Day spam
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