Circumcision as a crime

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Having plenty of foreskin I often feel at a disadvantage when reading the words of the men who crusade for the integrity of all men's foreskins. My boyfriend is circumcised and his penis works fine. While I'm aware of the masculine power some men see in a flesh covered cock, and profited from that perception, I've always found a more streamlined look more appealing. Nor slept with anyone whose circumcision left them less able in bed.

Matthew Hess, President of MGMbill*.org has called for the arrest of all physicians who perform circumcision. Considering the successful continuation of Jewish people during millennia of persecution I don't think history is on his side.

Hess continued by saying that the U.S. uses a double standard when it comes to circumcision. “We have a blatantly discriminatory circumcision policy in this country,” said Hess. “Doctors and mohels who circumcise girls are thrown into prison, but if those same doctors and mohels circumcise boys, they are rewarded with a paycheck – even though circumcision impairs sexual function in both genders.”

Human Rights Group Says All Circumcisers Should be Arrested

* For Male Genital Mutilation Bill, a bit of forlorn legislation he's proposed.


Mr. Hess? This is FedEx calling. We have a real life that’s scheduled for delivery to you tomorrow. We’re sorry you’ve been without one for so long.

The poor critter probably spends all of his time thinking about foreskin and in a perpetual rage against circumcising criminals.

Other than religious beliefs there is no reason to have a circumcision performed on your child. I am circumcised and although I do not obsess about it and rarely think about it, I would have preferred it if my parents had left well enough alone. If your having a baby boy please let him decide if this is something he wants to do, it will hurt no less as an adult then it does as a child. Circumcision makes no more sense then cutting off the pinky toe. You will walk fine without it but why do it? The excuses given by doctors who perform this operations are equivalent to well he might stub that pinky toe against something and that will hurt, so I better cut it off!

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Circumcision as a crime
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