"Crazy queers carrying guns?"

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Gay men are arming themselves in San Francisco. Not for the first time; the Lavender Panthers preceded the Pink Pistols. The Lavender Panthers were formed Rev. Ray Broshears back in the 70ís and patrolled Castro Street with rifles (possibly Polk Street as well). . They didnít last long. Like many freelance minority politicians Broshears was theatrical, vain and capricious.

I barely knew Broshears. Arriving in San Francisco with less than a dollar in my pocket Iíd forgotten the unlisted phone number of the guy I was going to stay with. I prostituted myself that day. Luckily I remembered the guy I was going to stay with was a friend of Broshears. A call to him got my friendís phone number.

Armed gays don't get bashed

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Pansexual Sodomite
"Crazy queers carrying guns?"
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