Damned Christians & well intentioned straight people

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You know it doesn't matter if Sodom and Gomorrah was a story about incivility to strangers, homosexuality or some other ancient tribal notion of immoral behavior.

I can't help but laugh at Andrew Sullivan when he wonders why non-religious conservatives enact anti-gay laws. And I can't help but smile with a mixture of appreciation and compassion and when a straight person tries to defend my sexuality to a Baptist moron. I do appreciate it but, you know, your next project might as well be building a ladder to the moon.

I didn't choose to love other guys. But I've been a happy queer for a long, long time.

Nothing will persuade the sadder sort of heterosexual that I'm not deficient, damaged or unlucky. I don't care. I bet I've had a happier sex life. Nothing will convince a Bible-slapper that I'm not a pervert that his little black book doesn't tell him that I'm going to slide straight down into damnation.

Attempts at dialogue are purposeless. You aren't going to wise up the born-again. You can't. Their brains are insulated by something thicker than calcium.

It isn't an issue of gibberish theology. It is a matter of pragmatic politics. Outvote them or it is lost.

I don't give a damn what they think. For gay men like myself it is a matter of being able to leave my spouse (whatever they call him) my property, to be able to visit him in the hospital without lying and claiming to be a genetic relative.


As to “I didn’t choose to love other guys,” I would assert that the notion of “it’s not my fault” plays to the thinking of the Compassionate Het. If you didn’t choose, no biggie. But if you DID choose, hey, NO BIGGIE.

Signed, Bi Gal in DC

Actually I define myself as pansexual. The wording was meant as illustrative as much as anything else.

I didn’t choose to be able to love pretty men but it is far to yummy for me to ever apologize for.

It’s a good lesson you offer, regardless of whether it’s about sexuality or anything else for that matter. People can’t seem to get it through their heads that they can’t always bring others around to their way of thinking. It happens at work most often. So what do you do? Bemoan the state of the world where people don’t believe the same things as you? Or just f*ing get over it already! If we spent as much time listening as we do talking the world would be a far different place. nice post…

The desire to meddle with others is mankind at its worst. Thanks.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Damned Christians & well intentioned straight people
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