Er ... well ... I am a guy ...

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I've seen this weblog linked to as a typical example of wrongheaded leftwing thinking. (Which would surprise the people who know me in flesh life since with diligence I keep my tongue closed on matters political - not for fear of argument, I only know one person who's apt to disgree much with me. As I put it to one friend recently: Bush and crew are corrupt. Water is wet. Neither seem worth talking about.) Unsurprisingly it shows up here and there as a queer weblog (as it should). And as a sex weblog (depends on the week).

I found myself listed under "guy blogs." You have no idea what a double take I took to be assigned that category. Not that I object. I am a guy. I'm reasonably pleased to be of the male sex. Though if I could have a gender change switch installed I'd have been glad to have an on and off chance to see what it is like to be female.

While my gender has been a crucial part of my self life I tend to think of myself as ungendered. Hey, you might understandably interject, what about all those entries about how much you like feminine guys. Well, you see, except when I'm around them. Then this funny part of my brain energizes itself and I feel a need to gallant in a way that either has something to do with the place and time I grew up or some really odd programming from the TV and movies I watched as a little kid.

Who do I share this guyness with? I've enjoyed the admirable Geekslut's weblog, though we don't have anything in common. Being associated with someone called Urbanstud at least makes me sound like a potent guy. How could you not be happy to find yourself somehow aligned with a weblogger who calls himself Northern European Sausage Factory? Not to be stuffy, but I've never been like Cheating Spouse X. I have been on the other side of that.

Should Rebel Angel see this entry I hope it'll be understood that I welcome any excuse to add to the weblog. And there's no denying that I'm a guy.


The above is the screen name(?) I am going to use (this is the guy in the 30 yr relationship). My home computer still refuses to work and M and I have not been able to get it repaired(so still doing this at work)

Bravo!!! another amusing, thoughtful entry many of your posts brighten and/or give extra thought to the day. And thank you for that.

Just a note I also think of myself as ungendered. The gender thing comes up in sexual responses to visual observations and/or aids.

I am generally not attracted to feminine men even though I have dated many(some were involved relationships) before my relationship started 30 years ago.

Your thoughts and suprise over where your blog is listed is understandable (at least to me). I also find it hard to put myself in a catagory, to me, I (including my man M) do not fit sterotypes.

Your observation on the gallant acts you preform, I also find I do them, I belive it was the way I was raised and the programing(movies, TV, Books,etc)I recieved when a small child.

In this day where plain rudeness seems to be the norm it is nice to find out others still observe common politness and basic manners.

Richard, my apologies … I never looked at my choice of words like this …thank you for opening my eyes … RA

Richard are you Okay?

Hope all is well.

Miss your writing and am worried about you.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Er ... well ... I am a guy ....

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Er ... well ... I am a guy ...
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