Finding queer, gay, lgbt weblogs

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My referral logs consistently show that there are queer folks out there looking for listings of queer weblogs. Here are a few pointers.

Oldest probably is the Gay Diary Ring.

With the caveat that there are lots of dead weblogs BlogHop's listing of gay weblogs was good sized when I checked.

I get a fair number of visits from the Globe of Blogs gay weblogs page.

And a few hits from Eaton Web Portals's LGBT weblog category.

Wander-Lust's listing of gay, lesbian, bisexual bloggers is a bit scanty but I'm the guy who asked him to add it.

Assuredly best of all is Queer Filter's GLBT Weblogs & Journals.

If you find gay weblogs that you enjoy reading check their list of the gay weblogs that they read.

I plan to amend the list from time to time, suggestions and comments always welcome.


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Finding queer, gay, lgbt weblogs
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