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LIL' G of 76ers fame flung the first fruit (or vegetable... you be the judge), and then it was bombs away yesterday as a crowd of Phillystines gave evildoer Osama bin Laden a well-deserved pasting.

Defying a heat that would have broken weaker spirits (OK, we confess: We broke), scores of Osama haters gathered at the Arroyo Grille in Manayunk to enjoy a tomato-judging contest, smash bin Loony's mug and isten to host Michael Smerconish and contest commissioner Pat Croce fill the airwaves with exuberant chatter at Killer Tomato Contest III.

As if that all weren't enough, firewalker Cork Kallen broke boards and other hard objects and walked on nails and fire. Jugglers juggled, including the Amazing Croce, and a band played.

As it did last year, the Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 99 provided a second target, death-row inmate Mumia Abdul-Jamal. It's no surprise that Division 99 made a target of Mumia, who was convicted of killing Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. That group is made up mostly of police.

As Mike McLaughlin said about the double target, "One's wanted dead or alive, and we hope the other is dead soon."

Last but not least, a young woman sat in for bin Loony and took several plunges at the "Dunk Osama" tank.

Bin Laden: Seeded, peeled,sauced, pasted

Franklin Graham, the successor chosen by his 83-year-old father to lead the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, writes in his new book, "The Name," that "Islam -- unlike Christianity -- has among its basic teachings a deep intolerance for those who follow other faiths."

Graham also drew widespread criticism in October after he called Islam "a very evil and wicked religion."

Interfaith leader assails Franklin Graham's criticism of Islam

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A federal judge refused on Thursday to block a summer reading program for incoming freshmen at the University of North Carolina who were told to read and discuss a book on the Quran, Islam's holy text.

U.S. District Court Judge Carlton Tilley Jr. refused to grant a temporary restraining order requested by two taxpayers, one of them an official of the conservative Virginia-based Family Policy Network, and three unidentified freshmen.

Tilley pointed out that students are not required to attend discussion groups on the book and are not graded if they do go, and noted that none of the discussion leaders would be religious officials.

"No student is required to read the book at any penalty from the university. A student who elects not to write a paper about the book is not penalized," he said. "This is not a religious activity. People do not have to participate."

Judge refuses to block Quran reading for UNC students

This last is from a former neighbor that I used to talk with several times a week:

Yes, amazing as it seems, this war was started by a small handful
of nutty Arabs in heat. Apparently even the majority of their
associates were not aware that they were on a suicide mission.

Now the concerns grow regarding the religion of the children
of Ishmael, Islam. How can it be a religion of "peace" and
have so many commandments regarding war? Let me point out
that they do not have a "New Testament" to replace the older
violent plans as does Christianity.

So, how can this be that we have a Koran book teaching violence
and a vast majority of its adherents being peaceful?

Well, it is kind of the same principle in mainstream Christianity.
People are not really following their religious book. They
say it is "God's Word", but DON'T BOTHER TO READ IT! If
you claim to believe it is God's Word, then READ IT FOR YOURSELF!

Much of Islam is really just a social group, just as mainstream
Christianity is really just a social group. Neither one
of them are following their book at all except for a handful
of out of context precepts they are comfortable with. Trinitarians
reject Jesus Name Baptism and monotheism holding to a man made
Roman dogma that has nothing to do with the Bible. While
many trinitarians draw the line regarding slobbering over
ceramics, they still worship the same trinity of god persons
that Rome invented for them. So called Christian groups
ordain Sodomites, and Arabs in heat go to sex bars before
hijacking airplanes.

Beware nutty Arabs in heat

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