Frugality and Diligence

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Having listed the fancy words that described what in my better moments capture my life’s goals I should give at least nodding mention to my failings.

I’m sure that I have many. But I’ll focus on my lack of frugality and diligence.

Frugality: I’m often very careful about what I pay for food, clothing and the like. I watch for sales and load up. When I can I buy in bulk from CostCo or Amazon.

Then I make several frivolous purchases that waste more than I’ve saved.

As of this year I find money very tight. It is going to take zealous care to make sure I can pay my mortgage, utilities and buy food.

Thrift is no longer optional.

Diligence: how many books I could’ve read, how much music have I neglected? All manner of plans that have gone for nothing.

Too much of my life has been wasted. Not in the pursuit of pleasure - which isn’t unworthy - but in merely distracting myself. Idleness that was hardly amusing.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Frugality and Diligence.

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Frugality and Diligence
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