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20th Anniversary Sale
I guess our three-day anniversary sale was a success. Iídíve been thankful if Saturday had been frantic. There were plenty of customers and some folks bought plenty but there was enough slack time for Gordon to get caught up on his paperwork.

Iíd purposely scheduled it a week after Labor Day hoping more people would be in town. But it mightíve been an error. Long ago I decided that the more likely we were to be doing well anyway the more weíd pull during a sale. More people will come by if they are already out and going places. But you canít do market research with a small bookshop.

More Gay Movies
Iíve actually seen a few I enjoyed, particularly, Green Plaid Shirt. Since I never have anything interesting to say about most of the movies I watch Iíll post my comments elsewhere rather than adding to the bulk of this journal.

It has been awful for him the past few days: strep throat, nausea (vomiting one night) and sleeplessness. I do what I can but when someone canít sleep and doesnít feel like doing anything the options are narrow.

Came home with another stack from the shop. Mostly electronica. Thereíve been several people in the shop looking for electronic and dance CDs. The encouragement I need to finally purge the excess sitting here at home I hope. And James Brownís latest, Next Step. Iím not hopeful but wonít regret being surprised.

Iím am glad to have Baadasssss Cinema ďThe Sounds of Blaxploitation.Ē I only have a couple of the cuts. I love the movies and never get tired of the funky horns. Maybe I should rewatch all the old Pam Grier movies. Not sure if Charles would like Ďem.

Normally I leave this stuff in my other Live Journal but it is such exemplary evil:

Thousands of blind, disabled and aging Californians have lost Social Security payments after they were tracked down for long-ago crimes.
A federal program designed to catch fugitives and deny them welfare benefits has snared thousands of blind, disabled and aging Californians. The program is coming under growing criticism from California lawyers representing the indigent.

The fugitive-felon program has funded a massive computer dragnet that has saved $130 million and led to the arrest of thousands of fugitives, law enforcement officials said.

Most of those caught are the aged, blind and disabled who are accused of violating probation and parole or other nonviolent crimes, many of which are decades old.

Criticism of U.S. Felon Program Grows

The land of the Enron and home of the Worldcom.

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