Gay fiction vs. the Aztec Mummy

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Hoping to raise a tiny bit of cash I've joined Amazon's associate program. I've semi-automated generating short lists of DVDs, books and magazines via an extra weblog and keywords. Each of my weblogs has three lists built around a keyword.

I'm not surprised there were no DVDs for atheism.

'Internet' retrieved Penthouse: Internet Babes much to my delight.

Poor straight people 'erotica' fetches Playboy but otherwise gay magazines.

Most weirdly 'gay fiction' brings titles of movies like Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy. (I'm a fan of the Mexican Wrestling Women - Golden Rubi and Gloria Venus - films.)


I wonder, did Spartacus come up in the search?

It is curious as to why there is nothing on atheism.

funny. I am sure you WERE delighted on the Penthouse find. Not! :)

hey, sometimes I can’t even be free of that in my searches.

i think that this is quite possibly the most random website i have ever come across… well done! lol

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Gay fiction vs. the Aztec Mummy
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