Gay marriage and the Third World

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Europeans and the British a continually surprised by the religious crazedness of Americans. They shouldn't be.

An illusion fostered by the na´ve presentation of early American history is that the country was originally settled by a bunch of liberty loving folks in funny hats. They fled to the New World to create a society where anyone whose opinion on, say, Holy Communion, could be punished and forced to recant. Neighbor was encouraged to spy on neighbor to insure that everyone's beliefs were pure (hence Puritan).

If they'd drafted the Constitution they'd have been appalled if anyone suggested a separation between Church and State. Liberal humanism emerges from affluence, stability and education.

I wonder how many people who've been hoping the Catholic Church will liberalize when the current Pope dies think his recent nasty buffoonery against gay marriage think that the average Catholic disagrees with the Pope. The Catholic Church is growing but mostly in Spanish speaking Third World countries. There the Pope's social conservatism is applauded.

Until I met Charles I thought of Episcopalians as tepid, ineffectual liberals. That hasn't changed. But I hadn't heard of the schismatics most often called Continuing Anglicans. These are new denominations created by conservative ex-Episcopalians who no longer felt at home. A few simply want the older (and lovelier) liturgy. Most couldn't accept the ordination of women.

Africans on emigrating to the US often go to the American Anglican rather than the Episcopal churches. As the fight over the new gay Bishop will probably make clear the African bishops have been supplying support to the conservative American members of the Anglican Communion. Often ordaining conservative Episcopalian priests. The latter then engage at war with the liberal American church.

I think we'll see the Episcopal Church split massively over gay marriage. Possibly the worldwide Anglican Community as well.

The Third World will be on the conservative side, something no well meaning liberal ever expected.

(This isn't very good but I felt I need to either post something or put up a "For Rent" sign.)


I attended an Episcopal church last Sun. Interestingly enough, I hadnt been in one since before 1980 when I converted to reform Judaism in order to be married. I like being Jewish..reform, anyway. It struck me that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism can all go so many different ways, kind of like me!!

But to walk off the street on a given Sunday into this church and see monks, chasubles, processionals, incense….ahhh kinda makes you think of the middle ages…yet, these are the folks who are catering to gay bishops…

I’m happy they will have a gay bishop. I’m not so happy that allegations about his behaviour were swept away in an act of RUSH LETS DO IT NOW political correctness. It can have all been done SO correctly, and SO properly, and just a bit of time could have stopped what appears is going to be a huge schism.

Oh well, I love your website..have only recently started my own. Hope all is well with you. LATER gator!

Luf de unBuff

Richard, I think you could have done a better job—blogging is tarnishing your ability to deliver. Leave the ADD behind and take your time, you have the power to create insightful and interesting blog entries, which rise well-above the usual puddle of self-indulgent babble that comprises so much of the blogosphere.

My concern is that the government has vested interest in morality. If this wasn’t the case then we would have hookers on every corner. Along with hookers come other things most people don’t want.

I know many of you are going to jump me and say that gayness is hereditery or something you cannot control. Well, cleptomanics think the same thing, but we have laws that people must follow and most of these laws are “behavior” laws. No beating people, no stealing, no spitting on sidewalks, etc.

Now, I don’t care what you do in your own homes, but I do care when families, which are already under attack by feminists and divorce hungry government lokoing to increase their purse by throwing fathers out, are made to feel even less special.

Kids are the main reason for marriage. Not to denegrate adoption and the importance of that by ANYONE, but at a time when most children don’t know their fathers, I think it is ultimately important to keep families and marraige the way it is. I would even vote for TOUGHER divorce laws. What we have now is laughable.

AS I said, I have no problem with what anyone does in their home. That includes drugs and other things, but I don’t want to know about it. I don’t care, but don’t try to force your wants on everyone else, especially when we think it is a moral issue, which government has every right to police. This isn’t an issue of what you do in you home anymore. That is where everyone stops. I accept gays, but I will not let society go by the wayside, which it is already a very step hill with everything since the 60s.

Just my opinion.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay marriage and the Third World.

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Gay marriage and the Third World
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