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The Gender Genie is Goofier than Barbara Eden. About as laughable as But to the beginning . . .

Skimming through my Live Journal friends list I saw and couldn't resist trying the Livejournal Gender Tool.

Total words: 12346
Masculine Points: 23174, Masculinity: 62%
Feminine Points: 13820, Femininity: 38%
richardevanslee is probably male

It read the twelve thousand words on my Live Journal page.Didn't offer a word analysis.

Then I visited the Gender Genie.

Entry: Daddy was a bastard

Words: 1509
Female Score: 3122
Male Score: 1588
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: female!

I used the feminine word 'him' twenty times. I was writing about my Daddy who was very much a him. Gender Genie is heterosexist since gay people would refer often to their same-sex partners and dates.

Entry: The Right Reverend Frederick Eikerenkoetter, Th.B., D.Sc.L., Ph.D.

Words: 663
Female Score: 556
Male Score: 1081
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

I owe my butchness to my frequent use of the word 'the.' (Need to clean that prose up, eh?)

Entry: Praise the Lord and pass the KY

Words: 775
Female Score: 643
Male Score: 1579

Still a guy. More 'the' and I never used girlie words like 'so,' 'am,' 'actually' or 'everything.'

Gender Genie says it has been right about two-thirds of the time. Even if I hadn't worked in market research / polling I'd have to admit that most people are just clichés. Does anybody think tops and bottoms have different prose styles? Bisexuals? Pansexuals? Asexuals?

Well it was a way to waste fifteen minutes.

Gender Genie


Thanks for the tip on the Gender genie. I corrected a sample paragraph in one try, although it took three trys to correct this here entry. I copied off the table of man/fem words, taped one to my monitor, as well as have one for my word processor & one for old typewriter.

This will improve my writing.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gender Genie is on, not in the bottle.

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Gender Genie is on, not in the bottle
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