Google to Fix Sodomite

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When the word “gay” is entered into Google’s translation tools, the word “luti” is returned, an Arabic equivalent of “sodomite”, to the ire of gay activists.

Google vows to change derogatory gay translation

Hey, what is wrong with the word sodomite?

(Really, I do understand and Google will be adjusting this in their translation service.)


I hate the fact that when i search for porn or something online or i type in pansexual into any search engine all i ever get is gay guys fucking, which is fine for me i have nothing against it. But i am a pansexual too and i am female, i enjoy watching transsexuals getting off without having to feel like im dirty, or only getting sodomy listings. There are plenty of relatively straight women out there like me that love transsexuals. Regards

Your feelings?

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Pansexual Sodomite
Google to Fix Sodomite
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