Has he been driven mad by lust?

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Do you get weird messages from people who visit your site? How do they compare to:

wel come my honest friend richard.victoria zdrok[*] wants help from ayub.from last 33 years ayublookig a dream she is realy in world larget problems.you know all factors.ayub can not tell this page.because ayub only wants for batter way for all persons.please trust at ayub 33 years time limit has gone.ayub dont know how mush ayub life? in this world every body dont know how much his life?ayub has sent more than hundred email towards victoria zdrok.victoria zdrok speak ayub is realy confused and mad.ayub is realy mad for victoria zdrok only.ayub has recived all internet web sight of victoria zdrok.ayub has sent towards sky in waves of spirits,from sky replay recived from sky.ayub you have wined all moments for victoria zdrok.this is realy wrong girl for all humanbodies of the world.because richard you are my honest friend in this world.ayub can not speak for victoria life you know you are in this world what is true life and what is wrong life.because richard you sit at internet and wrk for whole world.ayub has wants from sky some years for batter life for victoria zdrok.because she is realy dumb actor and wasting time she is realy stone for ayub.only ALLAH send message towards ayub via great angel ayub you are looking this girl in great troble of great heat in hell.please control this girl.because victoria is humanbody for human relationship.ayub work free of charge for humanbody needy peoples just like victoria zdrok.last night message sent towards victoria zdrok you are realy in great heat of hell.last night victoria realy confurmed.now today ----@aboutasto.com send message towards ayub how are you.keep quite and work for other peapoles.ayub has closed all email box at internet.only richard is my alone friend at internet.last message for victoria zdrok change your life live as neat angel for humanlife.victoria nika zdrok means=vagina nude zoo is realy satan ablis wife of nude web cam chat room wife.richard as belive able friend you can cheaked his guest book.and post message at vizbook/add only.your trust able friend.muhammad ayub.

Or is it a hoax?

* Victoria Zdrok is a professional bimbo. Never heard of her before but Google indicates her large breasts have given her an equally large following.

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now what happened to the simple, I have 300 million dollars that some nigger robbed from other niggers (does that make him an ofay?) and I need your silly bank account to put it in for a while.

Here’s the problem. If you deposit $160million, and you get $20million cut, your tax burden is going to be about $75million—doesn’t make sense does it? And banks report all transactions over $5thousand.

Muslims should never learn English, lest they be able to spew their hatreds in a way that is clear, then there will be the war everyone keeps wanting.

This bitterness brought to you by the semen the sniper left in the sniper’s ass when the victim went down.

hello,my good friend how are you,today m.ayub is going from internet,victoria nika zdrok please open neat and clean business,ayub can not give more time. goodbye,m.ayub.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Has he been driven mad by lust?.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Has he been driven mad by lust?
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