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Grmph! Sigh.

I do wish some of you nice folks (and only the nice ones) who leave comments would do a couple of things differently:

Leave me your real email address. It is never displayed. Only I will see it. If I want to reply I'm going to click the reply button in Thunderbird, write you a note, delete your message. I'm not even going to notice your email address much less save it.

But I'd rather get no email address or any obviously fake one that one that looks plausible. Several times of late I've written longish replies only to get a civil note from Mr. Sysadmin telling me there's no such account.

If you have a Blogspot site please (pretty please?) get a commenting system installed. I am one thousand times more likely to leave a comment on your weblog than send you an email about an entry (or ten).

When I added a weblog in addition to Live Journal I had a Blogspot site for maybe a week. Commenting options were more limited back then. Weblog software was as well. Probably the main reason I chose MovableType was the built-in comments. It is pathetic compared to Live Journal but it is good enough.

As long as I'm meta-weblogging outside of Computer Toaster . . .

I've had just enough of a tiny taste of ad revenue to think about pursuing it more seriously. Probably not in this weblog; I'm not sure. Edifying Spectacle as a whole gets far more hits than you might guess. That is almost wholly due to Amorous Propensities. (Although it had given Alexa the silly impression that I have the most popular gay weblog.)

The text advertisements were added to offset the cost of the site, which has steadily been growing as bandwidth and server space consumed have increased. Pursuing income from the site makes me uncomfortable (actually I've been invited to do so by a couple of decent ecommerce sites).

In the words of Old Fandom (the science fiction fans of the first half or so of the 20th century) this is "Just a goddamned hobby." I can't help but wonder if the chance to make a buck (or a nickel) might reshape my words.

I'd hate to think so. Unlike Uncle Scrooge I'm not aiming to dive into a Money Bin like a porpoise. I'd hate to accidentally make the site into work.

[Listening to: My One And Only Love - Suzanne Pittson - (6:08)]


Hi Richard,

I will put mine back in when I return. I going through a little negativity where I am right now and have removed all because I wouldn’t be able to respond in kind.

Not that I get many comments anyway. And not that you’re necessarily speaking to me at all.


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