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Homophobic, racist comments and conversion attempts are deleted.

So my comments form begins. Hoping to dissuade people from leaving comments that were little more than venting nastiness I added a short guideline for commenters.

Aside from hoping to diminish the "you suck!" school of wit I'd hoped to curtail pointless comments that had become deadening in their frequency. They left family conversion attempt often littered with dozens of Bible citations. Others asked that wearing questions: How can you be happy if you are a queer.

I hoped to prod them into leaving a comment only if it was germane to the page. Why leave a note saying you in Albuquerque and horny at the bottom of my own coming out story. Should anybody in New Mexico see that he'd probably add you to his iTrick to be avoided list.

Even with MT-Blacklist deleting bile, irrelevance and gibberish takes time. If you keep a weblog and get many comments you know the feeling that your time could be better spent that hitting the delete comment button.

Nave Richard

Surely I should've known that saying I'm queer, don't believe in Baby J. or any of the equivalents among the world's religions would only egg on a certain species of web surfer (an inapt term: you can't picture these people as bronzed and blond, riding the waves).

With unsurprising demented determination to be offended fundagelicals and other conservatives would leave comments saying that my guidelines were hypocritical. That it was a cheap, smarmy way of saying I'd delete any comments that disagreed with me.

If they don't make any other observation I leave the comment around for a time waiting to see if they'll return to see their comment intact. I did reply to a few saying they should look around: there are more comments that I strongly disagree with than those from people whose views I share. They either never replied or said they couldn't be bothered. Couldn't be bothered to see their Limbaugh inspired fantasies of persecution by the (yawn) "liberal media" were fantasies. After I time the comments are deleted: they aren't at all on topic.

Now I get conversion attempt comments only because they read of my atheism on the comment form. If anything it as boosted the frequency of comments saying that a happy queer is an oxymoron. And there's no page so innocent that someone might not drop by to say " die faggot queer homos " (Not that they necessarily know how to spell.)

One poor Mac user expressed distress that I'd mention my sexuality in writing about computers. He didn't stop of think that I'm using a template across many weblogs. I've sometimes thought about using server side includes to customize each weblog's comment form. Mostly I was addressing the fundagelical commenters on Gullibility, Amorous and these pages.

Almost removed the warnings

I don't feel like adding to the complexity of my templates. I'd thought about deleting the first list altogether.

Then I started seeing the comments form quoted by people who are recommending to others that they look at my site. Or people expressing their pleasure at the sight of another happy gay atheist. And people who don't care about my sexuality or atheism but think the comments form pertinent and clear.

There's never going to be a cure for the hateful and clueless. Poor in kindness and imagination they'll be with us always.


Dont allow the narrow minded to take you down. Your webpage is interesting, intelligent and your requests are fair. There is nothing more fair than just asking for respect, after all.

I could not be happier that I am both gay and atheist. I am horrified at those gay people who say things like, “Don’t you think I would be straight if I could?” or “Why would anyone choose to be gay?” This, I feel, would be a slap in the face to every gay person I’ve ever met. Most of my friends are gay, if I weren’t gay they probably wouldn’t be my friends and that would be a loss of enormous magnitude. As for my atheism? I am grateful for that every time I see some self-indulgent, self-serving, talking head like Falwell or Robertson. These men are a product of a religious attitude I’m thrilled I was able to see through. I can’t imagine I could possibly feel better about myself as a straight heterosexual.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about I'm a happily gay atheist.

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