I'm going to Hell (are you?)

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One day I'm going to have to finally delete that damn guestbook. Too many spam entries. But this cheered me up. Many years ago back in Savannah, GA I had to attend the Bible Baptist Church. They were (and probably are) the kind of Christian fundamentalist church all sane people feel disgusted by and fear.

I happened upon your site quite by accident...I would NEVER have come here on purpose. You are evidently a lost soul trying to justify his rejection of the Saviour. What's sad is how many people you are reaching with this drivel. It's just too bad you have to try to defame godly men like Pastor Hodges and Pastor Hubbard in your attempt to make yourself feel better. I will pray for your salvation, but God says touch not God's annointed, and you have so the Lord have pity on your soul. Your disjointed ramblings show the torment you must be going through. One day you will have to answer to God for this pathetic excuse for a website...

I've never heard of Pastor Hubbard but I'm sure he's another soul-winner and mastermind.


Well Dickie, I think its great that you are who you are and you do what you do as long as you aren’t doin’ it with me (my vagina is a tad tender!). I believe in God and only wonder if you can believe that we exist and are on a great glowing ball in the middle of a big black nothingness then why can’t you also believe in God? It just seems more feasable that an entity created all this as opposed to it just appearing…things don’t tend to just appear here. We usually make things here. Of course, then one may want to pose the question “Where did God come from?”. Well, that we just can’t figure out yet. Anyway, I think that I may have to cram my TV remote control into my cunt and squeeeeeeeze with all my might and see if the channels on the set will actually change! What do you think? Makes me kinda horny-ish thinkin’ ‘bout it. And one other thing - Barbara Billingsley (ya know, June Cleaver from “Leave It To Beaver”) is something else. She pretended to be a starchy collared, stiff-haired, sandwich-makin’, trousers-pressin’ mother, wife, and homemaker but we know the truth! That bitch was nothing more than a coffee-addicted, chain-smokin’, pill-poppin’, coke-snortin’, cucumber-fuckin’, dishbreakin’ shipwreck of a woman! When Ward and the boys left the house, the cucmber came out of the crisper!!!! Crazy stiff-haired bitch! Well, I have to run. My pussy’s itchin’ Love ya lots! Tesa Lashee Smith Baton Rouge, Louisiana

HI THERE!!!! I thought I’d drop in again! I LOVE your site! You are gettin’ a hiney-wigglin’ from me because you are so true to yourself. Makes my dirty little ‘gina twitch and quiver with Charles Schultz-style animated squiggles all around the floppy droopin’ lips!!! I wanna send you a freakin’ X-mas gift with little raccoon penises enclosed! My pussy is achin’ just thinkin’ ‘bout all this nasty shit we’s gonna do on the town. Little cocaine and champagne and some re-runs of THE GOLDEN GIRLS! Bet that Betty White has a nice twat - all shaven and tattooed with sweet midget pickles stuffed up inside it! Oooooh shiver me timbers - I gotta go bake me a cake. Gots cumpnee cummin’ over! Bye for now Dickie - keep rockin’! Sincerely, Tesa Lashee Smith Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

Glad I provide you a venue for a drunken evening’s typing.

Coooool site! I like these other readers too! Kudos to you for your work!

Dear Richard, I am a Southern Baptist but a full believer in one being oneself and give you my applause in being so brave. I am quite astounded at the calmness of your responses to the forceful condemners. My Heavenly father loves us all and it is important to remember that God is love!!! Love is what keeps our universe spinning. Best to you in this new year. Love, Grace, and Admiration, Evelyn Yancey Missouri

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I'm going to Hell (are you?)
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