I'm Mychal Judge?

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Hero. Role model. Gay as houses.
Which Famous Homosexual are you?
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that’s really kind of wrong. i got alexander the great. macedonian king and conqueror. sexy, oui?

I’d never even heard of Mychal Judge. I don’t have any desire to conquer anybody but my impression is that Alexander liked the same kind of guys I do.

Somehow I ended up Andy Warhol…. but on another note the Website tried to give me a trojan virus named VBS/Psyme. Luckily, my McAfee VirusScan was on the ball and deleted and cleaned the trojan.

Father Mychal Judge was the FDNY Franciscan chaplain that died in the lobby of one of the tower on 9/11.

Oh… there’s even a push by some to make Mychal Judge a saint in the Roman Catholic Church!

Saint Mychal

Warhol isn’t bad, better than a priest. These quizzes always ask too few questions. I’ve often thought about writing one but I’d ask too many.

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I'm Mychal Judge?
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