In praise of pretty gay women

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Sleepy, happy lesbians

That I'm most strongly drawn to gay men is likely puzzling for gay men who are comfortable with their distant lust for handsome straight men. How many gay guys have online avatars that are photos of heterosexual celebrities? More than once I've been surprised that I wasn't looking at a real photo of a person. I don't find Vin Diesel sexy. For a few months I thought it odd a couple of Live Journal friends looked so similar. Diesel transitioned into A movies (I'd seen him in one or two trashy movies without remembering his face) and I slapped myself for naiveté.

That I find gay women more appealing than straight ones would probably surprise just about anybody. It isn't the simple carnality of which Carmen Electra and Pam Anderson are this era's poster girls. I take an oddly innocent pleasure of an attractive gay woman.

One of the reasons despite the catholicity of my erotic appetites I always think of myself as gay.

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Pansexual Sodomite
In praise of pretty gay women
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