Insane Christian comments

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In my personal weblog I often write about Christianity and homosexuality. I get many hate filled responses and some baffling ones. This is part of one of the nuttier comments:

You have the stereotypical view of christianity. A true "born again" Christian does not believe that if a man rapes babies it will be transmitted to others. Some may, yes. The thing that separates some Christians from others is how well they are educated. The Bible is a historicly accurate and reliable book. there is only a .2% error rate between manuscripts, which is excpetionally small, as opposed to Homer's Iliad, which has a 4.2% error rate and is taken as truth.

This is about as foolish, silly and wrongheaded as Christians get. I'm almost grateful she shared her zaniness with me.


The Illiad is 95.8% accurate? Sweet.

She only proves how crazy she really is!

Bless her heart.

Homer’s Iliad is taken as truth? By who?

Personally I think she’s talking crap on the percentiles, as we all know 98.63% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

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Insane Christian comments
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