Land of opportunity, eh?

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I've only met him a couple of times. The fellow is - well, what is he. What he isn't is an American. I don't know if he's an immigrant because I'm not sure if that word implies becoming a naturalized citizen or not. He's a 'foreign national' - a locution I haven't heard in years and I'll be damned if I know what that implies. Ah, how about 'resident alien.' Haven't heard that in a long time either. I remember it from TV commercials of my childhood reminding all 'resident aliens' to register. I think it came on after the admonition to worship at the church of synagogue of my choice (and I do, every day, but I think of it as a comfortable chair).

But - was there a point to this? His status is tangled in a strip of red tape. Until that is smoothed out his employer can't pay him his wages. But he can work. And when the tape is back on the spool they don't have to pay him the missed wages. He'll have worked for free. Is this a capitalist country or what?

[Listening to: Let's Take A Walk Arround The Block - Ella Fitzgerald - (4:07)]

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Land of opportunity, eh?
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