Life isn't fair, get over it

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It wasnít until I read Mattís entry that I even knew this was the 2nd anniversary of 9/11.

My first and really only reaction was fear that the publicís cowardice would cause them to sell away their freedoms to the likes of John Ashcroft. How many people died today from political torture, starvation, lack of health care. People who never had the kind comfortable lives most of the people who died in the WTC had.


Careful, you’ll get the FBI shoving you into basements for weeks, sitting in the dark—dreaming of the kind of rights one only sees on TV (ask Charles, he’s seen that episode, I’m sure).

There’s something really awful happening in this country, and I forsaw it years ago, while studying the rise of fascism—and its repeating itself here, with all the typical and common excuses, supporters, and apologists.

What would Jesus do?

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Life isn't fair, get over it
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