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It was nice of mg to say that Pansexual Sodomite should've been on the list of nominated LGBT weblogs for this year's Bloggies. I do read one of the nominees: Honeytom. When I read gay British weblogs it is often ones that talk at length about recent popular culture that is as familiar to me as Ancient Assyrian artifacts. Conversely when I read American gay webloggers they are always to the right of me albeit sometimes only by a smidgen. Don't think I've ever read a weblog that strongly and consistently evoked my empathy. But I do find personal weblogs whose author has some quality that makes me return.

Mostly I read information technology weblogs. Here and there I snatch a good idea, many even better ideas are bypassed in interests of laziness. And weblogs about programming weblogs. (Back to the Bloggies for a moment. I thought it odd that Big Pink Cookie should be nominated instead of many better examples like, say, Redemption in a blog. But here we get to weblog popularity.)

I'm sure the Bloggies are fine as the Oscars must be (as long as I'm not required to watch). In thinking about blog awards earlier today I found myself wishing there were more of them. Given the weblog buzz awhile back in print publications I'm surprised more didn't follow The Guardian in awarding weblog prizes. Niche magazines and specialized weblog portals could have weblog voting contests.

The contests would be held within a niche. Best atheism weblog, best porn blog, best Mac technology blog not in the Daypop Top 100. Narrow focus to bring more attention to minor weblogs that are possibly unknown to many of their potential audience.

Blogrolls in a fashion are micro-contests. I've probably looked at more gay weblogs than most people but in such a desultory fashion that I've probably missed men and women with the most appealing or at least novel quirks.



If there ever were a series of attempts to highlight weblogs within specialties and themes I'd suggest they be called "Recognitions" rather than contests or awards. What I was suggesting was a way to make it easier for people to discover weblogs they might otherwise overlook.


I’ve never held the bloggies in much regard. I dispensed with giving popularity contests much attention when high school ended. The bloggies are so high school.

Just wish to leave some accolades; I adore your site and find your writing style sharp and witty. Yay for gay athiests!

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Micro-bloggies?.

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