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My atheism weblog attracts hate email from Christians. My sexuality weblog sometimes gets me the damnest nasty communications. My weblog on weblog has generated some inexplicable hate mail. If fleshly life and generated as much violent disgust as my website I'd've either crawled under a rock or shot myself by now.

Even gay men have sent me nastygrams to let me know that I'm a sick bastard for liking feminine gay guys.

U LIK BALLS* might be my grand prize winner if I were holding a homophobic weblog comment contest.

Hey, i have read all the articles and i can conclude with this statement.......

Your a fucken dick head FAG and if i ever find u i shall kill u painfully with a blunt SPOON FAG i'll grind your liver and roll you new meat balls for eyes and make u a new dick out of your some toes you hairy fuck....i'll cut off your nose and feed it to the froggies, you will never make a warewolf cult again you are an insult to all ware wolves my pack will fuck u up cunt, u better watch out for this jackie chan shit...WOOOOYAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. WHOPPPPPIIIIICHHHHHAAAAANNNNGGGGGGG. THATS RIGHT BITCH.

No, it doesn't make any sense.

* Well, certainly, but not his.


hello sales, my name is kuzz broen from nigerian in africa i we like my store to have co-perate affiars with your company what happen is that i want a situation that you we be ordered to my store in nigeria here inshort i needed contract inbetween both of us. which will be apriesated if you can do so. looking forward to read from you soonext, alot regard, kuzz broen (kazeem)

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