My attempt at an online self-questionnaire

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Making up silly questionnaires is a web passion. I've on and off thought of writing my own (meant only for me, nothing for anyone to ape). Lists have an arbitrary limit of three. Many of the answers would change depending on my mood, intoxication level and whatever happened yesterday. Mostly an exercise in free association.


Best sexual position:

Sex is good (copout). OK, with guys, 'top.' Since I'll bottom easily enough I'm not sure why this often feels like a shameful confession. An irrational desire to appear pure (historically a feminine quality) by not claiming butchness.

Preferred gender:

In-between, male, female (all of the preceding but the order may be significant).

What does pansexual mean?

That the prior question is pointless. (Or an answer.)

Preferred body parts above, below (male):

Eyes, butt. Hard to imagine disagreement with the former. Of the latter who can explain erotic geometry?

Preferred body parts above, below (female):

Ditto, ditto.

You mean you don't like cock?

Don't be a fool. Although today I didn't realize a photo that arrived via email today was supposed to be a before and after photo of miracle penis enlargement pills (or was it just an honest photo).

Clothing fetishes:

Male: Scarves, sweaters, loosely worn ties. Perverted taste for delicate and decorative.

Female: Miniskirts, go-go boots, caps or hats. Women are lucky since they are 'allowed' to wear anything.

Transgendered: All of the above.

'Real' World
Most sexually appealing actors:

Wil Wheaton (sweater period), Peter Paige (as Emmett Honeycutt) - ah, this doesn't work - at least for guys, the sexiest guys are real people - one of the reasons I always call myself gay. They often have weak chins, crooked noses but, mmm

Most sexually appealing 'B' movie actresses:

Tura Satana, Barbara Steele, Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick (last particularly in Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde. Trash movie fans: remember Linnea Quigley was fun to watch? (Oh where are the shower scenes and nude graveyard dances of yesteryear?)

From 'A' movies:

Michelle Pfeiffer from movies I've watch the last year I've come to like Sharon Stone (I hope I have the right actress), seems like she gets roles not circumscribed by her gender. Really I know more Live Journal women that I'd like to cuddle up to than the celebrated T&A.

Favorite Playboy playmates: Marianne Gravette (quintessential blond), Loni Chin (that geometry again) Favorite Playgirl playmate:

David Keith Miller (yeah, blonde as well, really too butch), another blondie, name forgotten. I might've used other magazines but this was a very, long time ago and I've never bought <>Blueboy or whatever.


Cultural interests:

16th - 17th century prose, history of religion, academia.

More movies
Favorite actors:

Fred Astaire, Jackie Chan, Jimmy Stewart and lots of the latter's contemporaries, especially in Warner Bros. and RKO comedies. Fairly recently I've come to think Hugh Grant is charming (these are all people I'd like to be like, no lust involved).

Favorite actresses:

Myrna Loy, Diana Rigg, (an admirable creature but she didn't make it into the sex kitten category because I can't help but that what a lovely boy she would've made) Among early actresses I can understand Wm. Randolph Hearts' desire for Marion Davies and silly cutie Glenda Farrell.

Favorite directors:

Frank Capra, Preston Sturges, Edward D. Wood, Jr. (who stands in for dozens of b-movie makers).

Favorite authors (dead):

P.G. Wodehouse, Samuel Johnson, Max Beerbohm.

Favorite authors (living):

Alan Hollinghurst?, Joe Keenan? Almost listed Martin Amis but his ambitions aren't appropriate to his gifts. (Amis would've made it if I had stopped with Dead Babies and hadn't read London Fields.)

Favorite dead musicians:

Hank Williams, Sr., Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller: arbitrary. Impossible list.

Favorite dead singers:

Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O'Day (the day I type this)

Favorite living musicians/singers:

John Pizzarelli, Marc Almond, Pet Shop Boys

Misc. Personal

When were you born?

Too long ago or just long ago to be who I am now.

Where were you born:

Savannah, GA, the Port City, a town that was a mixture of blandness, gentility, faux traditionalism, tolerance and white trash. Now my old elementary school is an Art School. Mass culture has likely made it an Anytown, USA.

Level of education:

11th grade (Cheat, they let me into college without graduating. I left the moment I discerned Armstrong State (now University)t was just a bigger high school.)

Are you mostly solemn, chipper, sad, giggly, intellectual, frivolous?

Yep. You'd say the same, wouldn't you?

Chief virtue:

Desire for clarity.

Greatest weakness:

Lack of discipline (now this is boring).

How do you rate your romantic nature?

Monogamous. Absolute fool.

Because you asked

Who is Chris Hass?

Someone who asked his LJ readers to send sexy pictures. I should try that sometime. But many of you don't admit to such impure things.

At this point I fell asleep.


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