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One of the happy ways of sharing time with Charles was watching romantic comedies. I have an inexhaustible appetite for Fred Astaire, (the early) Dick Powell, Busby Berkeley, Myrna Loy, Carole Lombard, Cary Grant, Frank Capra and all that good old stuff with graceful people, witty dialog and happy endings.

We even branched into modern romantic comedies. Aside from a desire to be as self-effacingly charming as Hugh Grant I don’t recall the names of many actors or any directors. But the important thing was to spend enjoyable time with the mad boy I so foolishly loved.

There was something about the pretty young females that seemed odd. It took a time to grasp exactly what about them that was nagging at the back of my mind. Eventually clarity came.

It was their breasts. They were fine of course, superb as it were. That goes without saying: there’s probably a secret Mammary Review Board that publishes guidelines and requirements. And a copious supply of cosmetic surgeons to insure these policies are fulfilled to the last gram of silicone.

These girls’ teats did not seem to hang - if that is the right word. Instead they thrust forward like twin artillery shells or searchlights. And they seemed to be pulled in from the side to additionally enhancing their refusal to be ignored.

It put me in mind of some women’s clothing of the 1950s turned their breasts into weapons of sexual aggression. Though really a sad homage to the assumption that men rated women solely in accordance to how potently their hormones emphasized their secondary sexual attributes.

These modern breasts weren’t quite so forcible. They were more girlish even if no less demanding of acknowledgement.

I wondered have women’s bras changed? Have these mechanisms of fashion been modified to lift, force forward and press together (unlike those Jane Russell once so successfully promoted)?

I asked an online female friend but either she didn’t understand my question or thought I was in quest of some fashion.

Still I wonder has this stylistic change actually occurred or is it all of my own imagining.


I think bra styles have changed in the way you’re describing, though I’m not sure.

Figleaf wrote something about it over here.

Wonderbra? Still around I see.

When I was a kid actress Jane Russell was the spokesperson for the product and the tag line was “lifts and separates.”

Yeah what figleaf - who I always mean to read - describes is exactly the weird effect I was thinking of.


I think it has something to do with the overall design of the 50s. Thomas Hine wrote about it in his book Populuxe. Just as the Dior New Look evolved through the decades, the look of the sweater girls and torpedo styled brassieres was a thing that was in during the 50s. Either that or Warners bought a warehouse full of ammo surplus post war time to make new bras that would bridge psychoanalytic sex drive to post traumatic stress disorder among confused youths returning from overseas.

What I have discovered since I transitioned from male to female and got my beautiful breast implants, is that handsome men love the breasts of beautiful women, (assuming they are nice breasts), regardless of what type of bra the woman is wearing or if she is even wearing a bra. I know my man loves my breasts, as I love having them. And it is a wonderful feeling putting on a bra. And a wonderful feeling having a handsome man kiss and careess your breasts.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about My Bra Question.

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