“my current level of christmas spirit would be best expressed by Henry Kissinger singing Jingle Bells”

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I asked an online friend why he'd posted that in his journal. His first reply: “and it is made especially unjoyful by the theft and probable torture and death of my cat whom i cared for the past eleven years.”

In another message he amplified:

what makes me feel even worse is that i had a clue that someone wanted to take her. someone was leaving cat food on a newspaper on several mornings of the previous 2 or 3 weeks, on weekdays before i awake. i didn't do anything drastic; it seemed like it might be just one of the schoolkids who pass by my house on the main neighborhood exit road while going to the bus stop. i never even thought of the possibility that someone might use her as live bait for training dogs. but that seems to be what happened, though i can't be certain of it. i have only hearsay evidence, though from a reliable friend, of a past occurrence done by some nearby neighbors, using a small dog from the neighborhood. yet i have nothing i could use to get the sheriffs to investigate or search. the owner of the little dog got it back almost immediately because the people who did it were seen using his dog this way, so with an eyewitness, he was able to get the sheriff's department to investigate, and force the return of his pet. by the time i heard of this history, my cat had already been missing for 3 days. a couple of days after that, i saw something that seemed to be a confirmation that these people were doing this sort of thing, but it was too nebulous to have a certain interpretation.

Sad and revolting. To say anything else would be just playing with words.


The following revealing item on Henry Kissinger is extracted from an article from the ‘New World Order Intelligence Update’ [http://www.nwointelligence.com/NEWWORLD.HTM]:

‘And, fellow-Canadians, as a faint echo of the freedoms we have now lost in this once great Dominion, here’s a robust exercise of free speech, fresh from the Mother Country, which is now impossible to imagine in modern Canada!

[Henry Kissinger walks out on Paxman radio program in the U.K. after being asked, among other things, if he felt “like a fraud.” Exchange below, as reported by THE GUARDIAN, 29th June, 1999]

Jeremy Paxman: “It’s been 17 years since the last volume of your memoirs. You said you wanted to let the dust settle but [didn’t you] need the distance in order to rewrite history?”

Dr Kissinger: “No I based these memoirs on documents which were as valid then as they are now.”

Paxman: [describes Kissinger’s claim that he ended the cold war as “farfetched”] “What bothers a lot of people is you seem to ignore the human rights of people within regimes with which you’re trying to establish a balance of power.”

Kissinger: “That’s not correct either.”

Paxman: question about supporting General Pinochet and undermining President Allende in Chile.

Kissinger: “We did not support Pinochet. In what way did we support Pinochet?”

Paxman: “You supported the military regime.”

Kissinger: “After the coup we preferred Pinochet to Allende.”

Paxman: “It doesn’t stop there… You’re on record justifying the [behaviour of the] Chinese government in Tiananmen Square.”

Kissinger:… “I have never supported what the Chinese did in Tiananmen Square.”

Paxman: “Did you feel a fraud for accepting the Nobel Prize [for the Indo-China agreement]?”

Kissinger: “I wonder what you do when you do a hostile interview?”

Paxman: [accuses Kissinger of a “wilful misreading of history”]

Kissinger: “It may be a misreading but it wasn’t wilful.”

Paxman: question about the “hundreds of thousands of people killed in the bombing of Cambodia”.

Kissinger: “That’s absolutely untrue. We have no evidence that hundreds of thousands of people were killed… I think this is an absolute outrage, it’s nonsense.”

Paxman: “You don’t deny [the bombing of Cambodia] was secret though?… This was a secret operation against a neutral country…”

Kissinger: “Come on now, Mr Paxman, this was 15 years ago, and you at least have the ability to educate yourself about a lie on your own programme… ”

Paxman: “What’s factually inaccurate?”

Kissinger: “… That’s outrageous… ” [Kissinger abruptly leaves: Paxman calls out, “‘Bye, Dr. Kissinger”!]’

If you’re interested in the ramifications of the coming ‘New World Order’, see the excellent NWO site at http://www.nwointelligence.com.

You’ll also find a superb archive of articles on the New World Order [which is impacting and changing us all increasingly] from the ‘New World Order Intelligence Update’, at http://www.rarehistorybooks.com/NWOCONSP.HTM. They are also mirrored at http://www.survivalistskills.com/NWODICT.HTM and at http://www.torontochristianbooks.com/NWOGOV.HTM. Well worth reading!

I thought you might be a Christopher Hitchens fan but now I’m wondering if you are just trying to peddle dehydrated food kits? Then again you probably just don’t like Henry Kissenger. No harm in that.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about “my current level of christmas spirit would be best expressed by Henry Kissinger singing Jingle Bells”.

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“my current level of christmas spirit would be best expressed by Henry Kissinger singing Jingle Bells”
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