My Giant Testicle Sac

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Having large testicles can be a real homoerotic advantage. Their size is another secondary sexual characteristic that implies masculinity.

genital periscope

As men age gravity probably extends the sac, fostering an additional perception of size.

But if one morning you awake to find your testicle sac filled to the max with fluid the bigger sac just makes it more annoying.

And that is what happened to me earlier this month. Even if you are biologically male you cannot appreciate the inconvenience without experiencing it. Walking, rising, sitting, urinating all become cumbersome.

And my already thick foreskin was infused with fluid as well. My poor buried penis seems in danger of becoming an urban legend.

That I can’t masturbate is mostly irritating because I resent losing control over a part of my body. I’m not sure what it would be like were I to become strongly sexually aroused right now.

Getting an appointment with the Duke University Medical Center is proving impossible. Thankfully the situation has abated slightly. Squeezing and massaging the sac helps a bit but I’d like to have a doctor help speed up my return to testicular normality.

As health problems go this is pretty funny.

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My Giant Testicle Sac
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