Niceness (fake and genuine)

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Saved from a comment elsewhere so I can return to it one day.

Way back when when I thought "well intentioned but stupid" and nothing beyond that.

There are three almost saintly local men that I think of when I say niceness anymore. One I emailed for a favor yesterday. He apologized for having been at work when the email arrived. And thanked me for asking for his help. He's the single most helpful man I know and he's always thanking people who should be thanking him.

Bogus niceness as a social grease, a sheild or a way of getting what you want it pretty awful.

[Listening to: Krafty (G-Pal's Sea Paradise Mix) - Deep Dish - Global Underground: Toronto (06:15)]

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Niceness (fake and genuine).

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Niceness (fake and genuine)
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