Nugatory romantic cheer?

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Ever and anon I ask folks to suggest recent movies that I might watch. The focus of my search is both tight and unimaginative: horror and nugatory romantic cheer (happy endings included).

If you should have anything to recommend you'd oblige me mightily by leaving a comment on: Netflix can't make useful recommendations, can you?


Is that horror with a happy ending? Or is it horror or a non-horror with a happy ending? If you just want a worthwhile feel-good movie, check out “Beautiful Thing,” a British import from several years back. Or “Tampopo,” a Japanese (non-gay) movie about the quest for the perfect bowl of Udon.

A happy ending for a horror movie is a lack of bad sequels.

Beautiful Thing is one of a handful of gay movies I haven’t watched yet. I’ve started putting them off because soon I’ll have seen everything that is either a gay romance or gay comedy.

Appreciate the suggestion of Tampopo but my eyes (only one really works properly, the other is for decoration) makes subtitles impossible.

I’m looking more for the silly Hugh Grant romantic comedy sort of thing. Largely to tailor the list to movies that both Charles and I can watch.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Nugatory romantic cheer?.

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Nugatory romantic cheer?
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