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My respect for psychology and psychiatry is vanishingly small. It is as trend ridden as any of the 'human' sciences. Today's medicate the illness, take two Zoloft© and call me in three months will vanish along with the other fads. Well, maybe not. The unfairly maligned Freud receded as his efforts enabled clearer discussions of sexuality. But the wish-fulfillment industry found a classy model in Jung. And zillions and zillions of dollars are behind the pill industry.

Pills, like the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory satisfy the craving to treat inner life as easily quantified even if it means surrendering to zany balderdash. Handy exemplars of how little years of training and study matter when you step away from disciplines line astronomy and carpentry.

Now this is a mighty big hammer to be aiming at a freebie test from The Enneagram Institute. My main reason for raving on is to write about something about how worried I am about Charles. An entry by Keith London gave me a chance to take a cheap shot.

The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) Sampler (I wasn't going to give them ten bucks for the full one) says that I am:

Enneagramfree enneagram test

Like the humbler online tests I was offered flawed options:

romantic and imaginative. pragmatic and down to earth.

I know plenty of people, who combine both in equal parts, don't you?

focused and intense. spontaneous and fun-loving.

Again, I've known focused and intense people who were spontaneous and fun-loving. It isn't as though your only options are to be an insurance executive or a raver.

needed to show affection to people. preferred to maintain a certain distance with people.

I love to touch, bask in the presence of some people and throw up the force-field to block the others.

useful to me. enjoyable.

Either one depending on what we are talking about. Blessedly, often both.

insight and knowledge. strength and decisiveness.

You mean if I'm insightful I can't be strong?

reluctance to get too involved has gotten me into trouble with people. eagerness to have people depend on me has gotten me into trouble with them.

Both have roiled the waters.

been able to put my feelings aside to get the job done. needed to work through my feelings before I could act.

I'd hate to be trapped in only one mode.

asking tough questions and maintaining my independence. maintaining my stability and peace of mind.

I can't think of a greater source of my peace of mind than maintaining my independence.

hard-nosed and skeptical. soft-hearted and sentimental.

If I'm not a sloppily sentimental skeptic I don't know what the hell I am.

been able to "tune them out." treated myself to something I've enjoyed.

I can do either one or bother together. Can't you?

outgoing, sociable person. earnest, self-disciplined person

I'm neither. But something like 23.7 million other Americans are both.

unsinkable spirit and great sense of humor. quiet strength and exceptional generosity.

I'd say unsinkable spirit and humor are likely to make for strength and generosity. Wouldn't you?

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I don’t know how I missed this post Richard. Maybe I was depressed and not reading my friends list as often. I have such distaste for pills, as an allergic reaction to something so new to the prescribing world almost killed me when I was a teen. My pediatrician (as opposed to county mental health “service” psychiatrist) was very angry when he had to look it up in the latest addendum to the big book that doctors use to make sure they don’t kill their patients by combining the wrong things.

I have refused to take “happy pills” ever since then.

I’d like to quote you on part of this.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Online tests are the bunk.

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Online tests are the bunk
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