Overimaginative weblog moment

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When I知 typing away I知 just me typing. I知 as much myself as I am when I知 talking to another person face-to-face. Admittedly in the latter case there may be some shifting and arrangement because I have a specific person I知 addressing and I can envision a particular arrangement of details that may convey the essence of what I want to say.

But when I知 posting to my weblog my imaginary audience is sympathetic, interested and understanding. Equally I know they are strangers so I値l modulate details here and there hoping to help them bridge the physical and psychic distance. But it is presentation, not dissimulation.

Earlier in typing a reply I found myself wondering what does {gender neutral} think I知 trying to say. Does s/he wonder if I知 trying to evoke a sexual effect or response? It left me almost unable to write another word. I guess it was the blogging equivalent of a penis that won稚 arise.

But for a few moments, I couldn稚 imagine writing online or crafting another entry.

This is a note to myself about a topic to return to some other time.

Your feelings?

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Pansexual Sodomite
Overimaginative weblog moment
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