Proof that I should never right about these things

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When the Middle East is in the news I sometimes wonder how things wouldíve gone if Palestine hadnít been partitioned to recreate Israel. Isnít hard to imagine how necessary a Jewish state seemed after the Holocaust.

Not wanting to annoy the Arab governments that would toss it out several years later the UK abstained from voting on the partition in the UN. Some people say that Balfour of the famous declaration was influenced by the crazies who believed that the British Isles had been settled by the lost tribes of Israel. They also believed that Jesus wouldnít return until there was an Israel so that the prophecies of Revelation could be satisfied.

There was a much more colorful nutty belief, sadly Iíve forgotten the authorís name. He believed that the happenings in the Bible originally happened in Britain. Jerusalem, Galilee, &etc. had actually been in the spots occupied by such places and Edinburgh. Constantine in what would surely have been the supreme act of Stalinist revisionism had moved everything to the Middle East and destroyed all traces and records of the truth. And you think Baptists are crazy.

Should the beady-eyed one invade Iraq? How would I know? If you put a gun to my skull Iíd probably say no (which might not be wise, more Republicans have guns). Picturing much of economics and international politics I think of predicting the weather. Some of the most powerful super-computers are used to forecast whether it will rain or shine. Thereís no way to actually collect all the possibly pertinent data so the predictions can always be on the mark.

Iíve wasted a bit of time reading about the people who live to opine arguing with one another. On one hand youíve got your professional anti-American Americans. As Iím not patriotic Iím likewise not filled with bile at the silly zoo Iíve been living in. But I donít warm to that species of pavlovian lefties. Their responses usually emerge from gut level categorical imperatives. Not that Iíd argue that a wholesale quantity of politicians donít have sloppy morals. There venality aside they arenít any brighter than the average Touched By An Angel addict. That they are sincere about many things is sometimes a much better reason to be worried about them. Anyway, the anti-Americans are too often emoting rather than reasoning. Always earns a black mark in my Book of Judgment. From what Iíve been reading Noam Chomsky is their patriarch.

Christopher Hitchens is the only member of the indignant class I go out of my way to read. CNNís Capitol Gang Sunday was where I first saw him. Iím a sucker for people who can reason clearly from principles. Hitchens tough scrupulousness has remained strongly appealing. Since he see the al Qaeda as theocratic fascists willing to use terror in an effort to establish an anti-secular, anti-Semitic totalitarian state heís approved of the American governmentís Ďwar.í Many of his old colleagues and friends are claiming heís a detestable right-winger.

Whew, this could easily go on way too long. I fear that rather than worrying about a war against the leaders of Iraq Iíve amused myself watching magazine writers bicker with each other.

If thereís a war Iím sure itíll be ugly and brutal. If we donít it might be differently ugly and brutal. Sadly even if there is a war and Ďweí win it Iraq will probably still be controlled by thugs.

In the meantime we can watch the politicians and their paid liars jostle each other hoping for hometown political benefit.

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Proof that I should never right about these things
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