PSO = Phone Sex Operator

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I haven’t had much to say of late so I thought I’d point you to an entry by my friend Angela St. Lawrence about the daily job of the literate smutrix:

Anyway, the bottom line –no matter how you want to dress it up– is we fulfill the caller’s fantasy–not our’s, but the callers. Got that? In other words, we are the myth of perfection, not the reality. And, no matter which way you slice it, perfection within the realm of a fantasy call is defined by the caller, not the callee.The liaison between the phone sex caller and phone sex provicer is a slippery one at best. He is looking –at least momentarily under the vise-like grip off his most lizardly self– for a fantasy come true, the perfect partner in slime. It our job to provide that experience in triple-decker, double-digits deviance of the highest caliber.Furthermore, to be successful in this business of smoke and mirrors, requires a suspension of disbelief for both the caller and callee. …

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Pansexual Sodomite
PSO = Phone Sex Operator
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