Queer cola for queer energy

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Gay energy-cola

As gay people we've long been a market. At first it was 0only sex toys and porn. As our media presence went uptown it became AIDS drugs and slicker porn. Eventually the cigarette manufacturers offered to help us die by other means. Now a Spanish soft drink manufacturer recognizes us. I don't think the rainbow is enough. Assuming their main target is the gay man there should be a slogan like "For Those Nights When One Hard-on Isn't Enough."

Gay Energy Cola Drink

Via Amanita.


You should copyright that slogan, Richard. It’s classic! Bravo…

The fruity taste should be great and the bottoms can drink the “Meat,Cream&Cheese” flavor.


Or more properly: “Up bottoms!”

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Pansexual Sodomite
Queer cola for queer energy
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