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Irregularly I've pointed gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered folks to places they can list their weblog or find other queer blogs. Inevitably they've thought one of my weblogs is a LGBT blog listing site or just rudely placed an ad for their online diary.

Mostly I zap them just like I do the characters trying to promote Viagra, underage girls (never boys), or boring crap like travel services.

Today I thought I'd offer any queer man, gay woman, crossdresser or transsexual can post a note of their weblog's existence with my blessing. Queerfilter is the best place for a gay blogger to announce his space in the blososphere. Amorous Propensities, my sexuality weblog, gets more hits than my other weblogs combined by several orders of magnitude. So the listing my do a gay blogger some good. Or not. I'm not going to fret about it.

Anyway should you desire yet another spot where you can let the world know you are an out (possibly even proud) queer weblogger you can note it:

Promote your LGBT weblog here


living in so. oregon can be dull at times. Thankfully i’m a sissy, foggot, crossdresser. I love going out at night, to cruising spots to pick up men. many times they are married, but wifey won’t suck cock. i still can’t believe how many men are wearing panties under thier pants, and they beg to suck my sissy cock.

Your feelings?

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Queer weblogger listing
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