Satan's Earrings

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On my website I have a couple of entries on the Bible Baptist Church of Savannah, GA. Long, long ago I was baptised there, accepting Jesus as my Lord & Savior. Every now and then someone who has been there drops me an email.

Yesterday brought:

Pastor Hodges isn't very tall. He is only about 6'0" tall. He of course is no longer the pastor, Pastor Hubbard is. But on time during a service with Pastor Hodges he stopped the service directly in the middle and had a man with hair to his shoulders escorted out of the building because he felt that man was unholy. Don't unholy people go to church to find God? Another time he made all of the teen guys put bandages on their ears if they had earrings in or take them out b/c that was unholy. I could go on and on about some of the things he has done that were unbelievable.

I like the bit about ehe earrings. Decades may pass but somethings never change

Your feelings?

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Pansexual Sodomite
Satan's Earrings
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