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I posted this in my Live Journal a few days ago. Got a fair number of replies. Had no idea what union-busting scum the Wal-Martians are. All of their business practices sound like McDonald's but with much greater impact on people's lives.

This is a reply to a comment left elsewhere. The person had said that s/he wouldn't shop at a store that sold a video game she found morally objectionable.

I've been on the other end of that sentiment. For example, we got an anonymous letter from someone telling us s/he'd never return. The person was offended by a Italian art magazine we had in stock with a cover that showed Betty Page spanking another woman.

I much preferred the complaint of a nice Christian gentleman who said he wished we weren't holding a forthcoming sale on a Sunday. He was so kind about it that I had to say that I was sorry even though I wasn't.

I only rarely have to decide to not sell something because I find it powerfully offensive (I find lots that I sell distasteful but that's another ten-thousand words). I buy and destroy homophobic books. (I do the same thing to bad books on Neitzsche. Well, the old fashioned bad ones. The postmodernists have at least gotten past all the nonsense spawned by the world wars.) I won't buy anything by an anti-Semite, although I have to draw the line somewhere since we sell Wagner.

Way back when I didn't drink Florida1 organge juice or drink Coors2 beer. Nowadays I'd never patronize a Chick-Filet (something like that)3.

And I probably will buy from and Wal-Mart even though both has to sell things I find despicable.

Wal-Mart sells the Left Behind series. While some folks read them as horror/fantasy novels I can't help but be pissed by something that is probably recruiting morons into the nastiness known as fundamentalist Christianity.

And sells just about every book, CD, game, pop culture item availble.

Anybody you won't shop with because you think they're immoral?

1: Back in the 70s, former Miss America Anita Bryant was the number one homophobe in the nation. She was also the spokesbimbo for the Florida Citrus Commission.

2: Adolph Coors was a major homophobe and contributor to all many of right-wing ugliness. You couldn't get Coors beer in any self-respecting gay bar.

3: They brag about not being open on Sundays because there's a fundy at the top. Don't know anything else about that. Bad enough sign by itself.

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